Floating Mixed Use Development Planned for the Maldives

20/08/2012 11:49 pm

An 800 hectare floating development is planned to be developed off Male in the Maldives, through a joint venture with the Maldives Government and water development specialists, Dutch Docklands.

The development will comprise five components that include commercial, hotel and residential developments, including the world’s first floating golf course.

Amillarah consists of 43 private islands; each will have a beach, pool, bushland, jetty and pavilion. A central hotel will service the 43 islands.



The Ocean Flower consists of 185 water ‘h20mes’, ranging from 184 sqm to 405 sqm in size. This development has a central ‘Beachclub’ where residents can taxi boat to another lagoon.


The White Lagoon will consist of four circular, floating islands; each will comprise 72 ‘watervillas’. A marina that has berthing facilities, retail and restaurant space is located in the centre of the islands.


The Royal Indian Ocean Club will be the world’s first floating 18-hole golf course. Floating island ‘platforms’ that make up the golf course are joined by underwater tunnels. It will include an underwater clubhouse and two hotels.


Greenstar is a star-shaped, floating convention hotel. Its exterior is to be ‘green covered’ (i.e. by plants). A restaurant island will be built alongside.

For more info check out the master plan on Developer Dutch Docklands site