First Step For New Local Planning System For Pittwater Council (Draft Pittwater LEP)

23/11/2012 9:18 pm


Pittwater Council has taken a significant step in rewriting its Local Environmental Plan for the first time in more than 20 years.

The Local Environmental Plan – or LEP as it’s usually known – is the guiding document for all development and planning controls in Pittwater. Since first being prepared in 1993, it has been amended more than 90 times.

The NSW Government has issued a directive to all NSW councils to prepare new LEPs for their local areas by next year. Each LEP must observe standard terms and definitions in a bid to ensure greater clarity for the public and developers.

Planning Director Steve Evans said the Council endorsed the draft LEP at its meeting this week. “This will now be sent to NSW Department of Planning & Infrastructure for certification before being placed on public exhibition.” Once the draft LEP has been certified, an extensive community consultation period will be undertaken and feedback from the community will be sought.

The Council received a grant of $63,000 from the state government to prepare the new LEP, on the condition that it is publicly exhibited by March next year.

Mr Evans said the Council was well ahead in preparing the document for the public exhibition date.

The main points of the new LEP are:

• More clarity in the format of the document
• Standard zones resulting in the elimination of some outdated zones
• Standard definitions for different types of land use
• The inclusion of sustainability objectives to guide future development

To read the Council report on the draft LEP visit and view the agenda for the 19 November meeting.