Development Opportunities of the Mosman Local Environmental Plan

11/12/2012 7:22 pm


The new Mosman Local Environmental Plan 2012 came into effect early this year, after a long review of the local planning controls of the Mosman LGA. The LEP establishes the broad controls for future land use and development. Through zoning and other development controls, the LEP is used by Council to manage the ways in which land is to be used in the region.


The Mosman Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2012 was finalised and approved by the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure and published on 9 December 2011 on the legislation website (including maps).  It came into effect on 1 February 2012.

Key Changes

Zone Changes Along Military Road Corridor:

Some sites (417 Military Road, 566 – 588 Military Road, 612 Military Road and 89 B Cowles Road) along the Military Road corridor between Cowles and Cardinal Roads have changed to a business zone (the B6 Enterprise Corridor zone) from a residential zone.   491-505 Military Road has changed from one type of business zone to another.  The objective of the B6 Enterprise Corridor zone is to promote businesses along main roads (but limit retail) and encourage a mix of compatible uses, including residential flat buildings.

Floor Space Ratio Controls:

The maximum floor space ratio for Spit Junction has increased from 2:1 in the LEP 98 to 2.5:1 in the LEP 2012.  The LEP includes an incentives clause in which a maximum FSR of 3:1 may be achieved under certain circumstances.  Other than that, floor space ratio controls remain unchanged.

Development Opportunities

Blockbrief has identified over 160 new development sites and existing sites which have benefited as a result of the changes within the new LEP in locations along Spit Road, Military Road, Mandalong Road, Erith Street, Spofforth Street, Raglan Street, The Crescent, Vista Street, Harbour Street and Gurrigal Street. Council has created these opportunities for prudent investors by increasing residential densities through adjusting zoning controls and development controls.

To find out more about the Draft LEP and the opportunities that have been created please contact Blockbrief or visit the site. We can assist landowners to identify if the development potential of their property has increased, including if they have benefited from an upzoning. For real estate pros, investors and developers we can point you in the direction of sites, which have been created as a result of the new LEP.