Development Opportunities of the Draft Willoughby Local Environmental Plan

05/12/2012 10:35 pm



Willoughby Council endorsed its revised key strategic planning document back in July, after a re-exhibition period, and the draft LEP has been sent to the Planning Department awaiting implementation. The draft LEP is intended to establish the broad controls for future land use and development. Through zoning and other development controls, the LEP is used by Council to manage the ways in which land is to be used in the region.


The NSW Government has issued a directive to all NSW councils to prepare new LEPs for their local areas by next year. Each LEP must observe standard terms and definitions in a bid to ensure greater clarity for the public and developers.

Council initially exhibited the draft plan in 2010 as Draft Willoughby Local Environmental Plan 2009. Following an extensive consultation process and consideration of submissions, the Council made changes to the Draft Plan and those changes were reflected in a re-exhibition of the Draft LEP.

Key Changes

Council has, where possible, transferred the policy intent of Willoughby Local Environmental Plan 1995 (WLEP 1995) and Sydney Regional Environmental Plan No 5 (Chatswood Town Centre) (SREP 5) into the new draft LEP. In addition, the State Government’s policies for the area contained in the Draft Inner North Sub Regional Strategy and the Metropolitan Plan, have had to be incorporated into the new draft local environmental plan. Therefore, the draft plan includes rezonings which support the intention of these State policies.

The majority of dwellings in the City are being zoned to reflect their existing zoning. However, some residential properties are proposed to be rezoned to allow a higher density. Blockbrief has identified a number of development opportunities that have become available as a result of the proposed changes to the local planning controls.

Development Opportunities

Blockbrief has identified over 150 new development sites and existing sites which have benefited  as a result of the changes within the Draft LEP in locations such as Castlecrag, Willoughby, Northbridge and Chatswood. Council has created these opportunities for prudent investors by increasing residential densities through adjusting zoning controls and development controls.

To find out more about the Draft LEP and the opportunities that have been created please contact Blockbrief or visit the site. We can assist landowners to identify if the development potential of their property has increased, including if they have benefited from an upzoning. For  real estate pros, investors and developers we can point you in the direction of sites, which have been created as a result of the Draft LEP.