Development Opportunities of the Draft Canada Bay Local Environmental Plan

10/09/2012 12:29 pm

The re-exhibition of the key strategic planning document for the City of Canada Bay Local Government Area, the Draft Local Environmental Plan ends next week. The draft LEP is intended to establish the broad controls for future land use and development. Through zoning and other development controls, the LEP is used by Council to manage the ways in which land is to be used in the region.


The draft plan was originally publicly exhibited from the 14 November 2011 to 24 February 2012. A report on the draft LEP was considered at a Council meeting on 17 July 2012. The report provided recommendations in relation to both the rezoning and the reclassification of land. It was at this meeting that Council resolved to re-exhibit the amended draft LEP until the 17 September 2012.

Future Housing Demand

The population of Canada Bay is expected to grow significantly over the next 25 years. This growth has been estimated by the Transport Data Centre (TDC) to be around 29% or over 20,000 people between 2006 to 2031. As a result Canada Bay will need to cater for an additional 9,700 dwellings over this period. This is a 37% increase in dwelling supply over the next 25 years.

Development Opportunities

Council has shown with some of the proposed changes within the Draft LEP that it recognizes that the existing local centres within the LGA are served by good public transport and offer a range of retail and other services. Council is seeking to maintain the viability of these centres to better livability and sustainability into the future by supporting revitalization through rezoning for residential intensification.

Blockbrief has identified over 100 new development sites as a result of the changes within the Draft LEP in centres such as Concord, Concord West and Five Dock. Council has created these opportunities for prudent investors by increasing residential densities through adjusting zoning controls, development controls and shop top housing provisions.

To find out more about the Draft LEP and the opportunities that have been created please contact Blockbrief. We can assist landowners to identify if the development potential of their property has increased, including if they have benefited from an upzoning. For investors and developers we can point you in the direction of sites, which have been created as a result of the Draft LEP.