City of Perth committed to creating a stronger capital city

18/09/2014 5:37 pm

capital_city_infrastructure_mapThe City of Perth Council has resolved to work in partnership with the Western Australian State Government to secure reforms which create a stronger capital city for all Western Australians.

Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi said all councillors expressed their resolve to achieve a positive outcome from the local government reform process.

“In recent days, Premier Colin Barnett has expressed concern that proposals from the Local Government Advisory Board may not meet his vision for our capital city,” Ms Scaffidi said.

“We share this vision with the Premier and believe this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get it right for our capital city and for the people of Western Australia.

“The City is in a unique position when it comes to the reform process.

“There is only one capital city and we want to ensure that it is strong and effective and positions Perth and Western Australia to compete on the international stage.”

Ms Scaffidi said a unanimous resolution was passed at a special meeting of council this evening to reaffirm the City of Perth’s goal of creating a stronger capital city.

“We urge the government to make a decision that is right for the future of our capital city,” she said.

“We need a strong capital city that includes key infrastructure, contains the headquarters of our most vital industries and is the economic engine room of our state.

“The City is committed to working closely with the Premier and the State Government to achieve a City of Perth that fulfils our shared vision.”