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Rotten Tomatoes?

Rotten Tomatoes?

The NSW Department of Planning & Infrastructure (DoPI) has launched the NSW Planning Review website, which is to be the public interface of the review of the state’s key piece of planning legislation. The state’s main planning legislation the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act), outlines how decisions are […]

Blockbrief – Pinpointing Your Property’s Development Potential

BLOCKBRIEF IS LAUNCHING SOON! Blockbrief provides clear and accurate planning information for you to understand and pinpoint a properties development potential. PINPOINTING YOUR PROPERTY’S DEVELOPMENT POTENTIAL – CAUSE THE VALUE IS IN THE DIRT The development potential of your property is a crucial factor in its value. Local planning controls […]

The Renovators – The Best Laid Plans

The Renovators – The Best Laid Plans

The best laid plans of developers and TV producers often go askew when council’s planning officers become involved. This was apparent on last week’s episode when the progress of many of the teams was delayed due to the processing of their development plans with the various local councils. The show illustrated […]


The RBA has decided at its meeting today, to keep the pause button on the cash rate at 4.75%. Most commentators and economists expected the RBA’s decision to keep rates on hold, given the recent discouraging data on the national economy. This month’s accompanying statement by RBA governor Glen Stevens […]

Barangaroo Review – On Twitter?

The Minister for Planning and Infrastructure Brad Hazzard (@BradHazzard) announced the terms of the ‘short, sharp’ review of Barangaroo on 26 May, 2011. The review is anticipated to run for 8 weeks and will be undertaken by VicUrban Board Member Meredith Sussex (  and former Design Director in the office of […]

Barangaroo ‘Short-Sharp’ review: terms of reference

The NSW Government has released the terms of reference for ‘Short-Sharp’ review of Barangaroo. Media Release – Brad Hazzard The review will be jointly chaired by two of “Victoria’s most experienced strategic design experts”. It is interesting that they couldn’t find any “experienced strategic design experts” in NSW, or rather […]


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