Calls To Extend Rezoning Blitz To Brownfield Sites

31/01/2012 4:13 am

The NSW State Governments move to bypass councils and rezone sites nominated by developers as being potentially suitable for the construction of residential dwellings has received conflicting appraisals from stakeholders involved after the Sydney Morning Herald released its article yesterday ‘Rezoning blitz in push for new housing’.

As reported today by Matthew Moore from the SMH, developers have not only welcomed the initiative but urged decision makers to look at the option of expanding the provisions not only for brownfield sites, but other urban infill sites. Glenn Byres from the Property Council of Australia asserts that ''You'd like to see a similarly efficient process for urban renewal opportunities - there is still overwhelming demand within the existing footprint”.

The president of the Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils, Alison McClaren has not been so welcoming of the NSW state governments proposal to bypass councils with respect to the rezoning of land on the outer fringe of the Sydney Metropolitan Area. Understandably so, concerns has been raised as to how any new residential re zoning would fit in to a broader planning strategy so as to ensure that the appropriate services and facilities can also be provided.

Developers looking to take advantage of this state government initiative should have regard to the points of contention raised by local government representatives as part of any new rezoning proposal and subsequent residential housing scheme. Any opportunity to alleviate reasonable and genuine concerns of the relevant local government should be welcomed by developers to ensure a greater level of co operation amongst stakeholders and potentially assist in off setting costly time delays.

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