Boston: Blue Hill Ave/Cummins Hwy Station Area Planning Open House

06/06/2014 9:27 pm

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 5.25.59 PMOn June 12, the Boston Redevelopment Authority will host a Blue Hill Ave/Cummins Hwy Station Area Planning Open House to solicit feedback and comments on the Blue Hill Ave/Cummins Hwy Station Area Plan Executive Summary from the community of Mattapan. The BRA and their consultant team, The Cecil Group, have been working with a 13 member Mayoral appointed advisory group since 2013 toward developing short- and long-term strategies for capital investment, business growth, employment opportunities, and housing development in the Blue Hill Ave/Cummins Hwy area.

At the Open House, attendees will learn about the planning process, interact with the BRA team and advisory group, and provide guidance on next step strategies for economic development, housing, parks, public space, place-making, transit, and quality of life in the area.

The formal comment period for the Executive Summary is open until July 12, 2014. Comments can be submitted by email to Jeremy Rosenberger, BRA Senior Planner.

The Blue Hill Ave/Cummins Hwy Open House is part of the ongoing Fairmount Indigo Planning Initiative, which is one of the largest planning efforts ever undertaken in Boston. The two year BRA-led initiative began in 2012 and focuses on the neighborhoods along the 9.2 mile Fairmount Indigo commuter rail line, which links South Station to Readville and crosses through RoxburyDorchesterMattapan, and Hyde Park. The Corridor Plan, released in May 2014, can be downloaded here: Fairmount Indigo Corridor Plan.