Blockbrief Expands Coverage Into Victoria

01/03/2013 3:48 am

Blockbrief has extended its reach into Victoria this month. Blockbrief launched in NSW in November 2012. Blockbrief's platform allows users to search for development sites and find out what the experts have to say. The website makes determining if a property development is possible as simple as clicking a button.

Blockbrief CEO, Matthew Player announced today that the website has started adding properties from Victoria and generating planning and development data. Users will be able to search for development sites in Victoria that have benefited from changes to planning controls or have been listed with development potential claims. Users will also be able to save sites of interest and download Development Information Reports once they have created a free basic account on Blockbrief.

"We are excited about the response we have been getting from users and pleased to be able to extend our coverage into Victoria, in order to continue to empower property investors to make informed real estate decisions" said Player.