BLOCKBRIEF Development Information Reports

25/01/2013 2:19 am


The Blockbrief Development Information Reports lets you check a property's development potential. A Blockbrief Report empowers you to identify the development potential of a property and make an informed investment decision.

Blockbrief Report $490 - sample

A Blockbrief Report takes the relevant planning and development controls, alongside of any noteworthy site constraints to identify the development potential of a property. The report provides clear and accurate planning information enabling you to understand and pinpoint a properties potential.

A Blockbrief Report provides zoning information and details on the highest use of a property. It also includes DA statistics to give a complete vie of a particular property.

Footings Report $99 -sample

Often it can become apparent quite quickly in the due diligence process that a property is not suitable for a particular type of development. That is why Blockbrief offers an initial review option with the Footings Report. Blockbrief provides you with an analysis of the zoning of the property you are considering investing in and provides an answer to the initial permissibility of a type of development for a property, either by recommending you keep looking or proceed to a more detailed investigation.

The Blockbrief free account stores all the Blockbrief Reports you've purchased in the 'My Sites' section of the site. At any time you can go to the 'My Site' section and review your Blockbrief Reports. You can also print off or pdf all the Blockbrief Reports you've purchased at anytime.

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