Blockbrief CEO Talks Rezoning, Fragmented Land and Property Development In API Magazine

14/12/2012 10:32 pm


Blockbrief CEO Matthew Player is Australian Property Investor Magazine's (API) "From An Urban Planner's Case Files" Planner and is featured in the January issue of the magazine. Player discusses a significant issue currently impacting housing and property development, the fragmentation of land. Fragmented land in growth areas can prevent new development opportunities.

Player said "There is safety and strength in numbers and sometimes owners need to talk to their neighbours and think outside the square, or think more like developers, to increase the value of their land."

"You get landowners who aren't developers and a scheme gets prevented because they're not informed," Player said.

"If groups can realise by working together, they'll get it quicker, they might also get the end result."

Read the full article in the API January Issue out now, or visit API's site.