Blockbrief Announces Zoning Heat Maps

25/09/2014 3:03 am

Blockbrief's New Heat Map Shows Zoning Activity of Local and State Governments.


Blockbrief Zoning Heat Maps


We are happy to announce the launch of our new Zoning Information section of, which uses a highly visual map-based search platform to allow you to research zoning changes across the country and determine which State, Council, and even postcode is the most active for rezonings.

Users are able to pick a local government area (council) based on their interest in that area - be it existing property owners, future property owners or potential developers. The site then gives unique market information to help investors understand what zoning changes are happening in a market and how they may impact their interests.

Blockbrief then offers premium content for those who want to understand how they can capitalise on the opportunities created by these zoning changes, including properties ready for development. Other content provides users with important due diligence information.


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