Blockbrief Adds Granny Flat Feasibility Calculator To Property Search Site

07/12/2012 2:27 am

Developing a property for a granny flat is a great option for investors looking for value add opportunities. Granny flat developments allow property owners and buyers to earn an income from their property while still living there. Planning controls generally encourages such a form of development. However, the legislation is multi layered and not all that straight forward. Property investors need a tool to assist them to quickly identify which properties have the potential for a granny flat development and which properties they shouldn't waste their time and resources on, and that's why today Blockbrief is excited to introduce the Secondary Dwelling Indicator.


Property searchers on Blockbrief will be able to enter basic site details about a property they are interested in an instantly get an indication if a granny flat is possible at that property or if they should keep looking, for free. The application is currently available for those looking at properties located within NSW. The tool will be expanded to other states as the site expands to the other States next year.

Once a property searcher finds a property they are interested in they share the information with a friend and order an expert report on the feasibility of a granny flat development on the site. They can also look for other properties which may be suitable for a granny flat development on the site, or take their search on the go with the mobile app.

Visit the site to use the Secondary Dwelling Indicator tool.