Approved Planning Proposal to Inject $291 Million in Western Sydney

06/10/2016 9:00 am

A planning proposal in Western Sydney has been approved to build a 43-storey building at the corner of 116 Macquarie Street and 7 Charles Street in Parramatta.  It will be one of Parramatta's tallest buildings and will include apartments, offices and shops.

In addition to injecting $291M into the local economy, this development is also expected to generate 275 new homes and approximately 300 new jobs, with a majority being constructions jobs.

The proposed building will be within walking distance of public transport, shops, and restaurants in Parramatta.

Prior to this planning proposal, commercial use was only permitted for this site.  The change now allows for residential development, as well as increases the maximum building height limit from 40 to 43 storeys and increases the allowed floor space.  However, the planning rule change requires at least 4 storeys to be used for either offices or shops.

A development application will now need to be submitted to Council for assessment by the Sydney West Joint Regional Planning Panel.