Adelaide Council In Final Stage Of Developing It’s Plan For Shaping The City To 2040

16/03/2015 10:18 am

plan adelaideAdelaide City Council is asking the community to get involved in shaping the future of the city as it launched the final stage of Picture Adelaide 2040 last week.

Picture Adelaide 2040 is a significant engagement project that will inform the development of four Council plans: the Adelaide 2040 Plan, the Park Lands Strategy, District Planning, and the City of Adelaide Planning Strategy. These Plans will outline a future for the city and describe the roles for Council and its partners.

The council is asking the community about what Adelaide could be like by 2040 and what needs to be done to make it happen.

Deputy Lord Mayor Houssam Abiad said that this last stage would explore the themes and questions that emerged from the stories.

“What we’ve heard is that people are at the heart of what makes places special, and many of the responses we received described how Adelaide seems to have closer connections between people than other capital cities.

“Supporting cultural expression was shown to be highly valued, as is the ability to easily get around the city, the beauty of the Park Lands and Adelaide’s cafés, restaurants, bars and pubs.

“We now want to continue the conversation by inviting everyone to come together and discuss the ideas, opportunities and challenges facing Adelaide over the next 25 years.

“Planning ahead allows us to think big and be bold. We also need to address the current challenges as we plan for the future and gathering information from people who work, visit and live in the city can help us do that.”

There are a number of ways people can get involved. For the first time, Council is holding Ward Forums where attendees can engage with their locals, leaders and their elected council member.

There will also be online forums and community members can sign up to host their own event or discussion.

All details can be found at