A new era of planning transparency for Victoria

29/10/2014 7:09 am

matthew guyThe Victorian Government will release all departmental officer reports to the Planning Minister on all central city planning approvals where the Minister is the responsible authority. This is the first time these reports have been made public.

"The release of these reports show that the public service provides professional and objective advice and that the government takes this advice when approving new structures," Planning Minister Matthew Guy said.

The Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure produces assessment reports for permit applications in the central city area. The previous Labor government never released the relevant reports for Ministerial permits issued during their eleven year term in office.

Analysis shows:

  • All permits approved in the central city area were also recommended by the Department for approval;
  • The City of Melbourne has supported more than two thirds of all approved projects. The council supported 46 permits out of 70 approved applications.
  • No permit has been approved where the departmental recommendation was to refuse a planning permit, but the Minister has refused a number of permits where the Department has recommended approval.

"Releasing officer reports is an important step forward in planning transparency," Mr Guy said.