600 Dwellings and 900 Jobs with Newcastle Rezoning

09/02/2017 3:57 pm

*Blockbrief members were notified immediately in December of the rezoning information provided below.  

The planning proposal will amend the Newcastle LEP to rezone the now surplus rail corridor land between Worth Place and Watt Street together with the Newcastle Train Station and apply relevant planning controls in order for the land to be redeveloped. The proposal also amends the planning controls for certain adjacent land. The amendment will facilitate the revitalisation of the precinct and development of 585 dwellings and lead to generation of 934 jobs.


The benefits of the rezoning for the local community and wider Newcastle community and business and visitors are expected to be the provision of a range of dwelling styles and mixed uses and open spaces to revitalise this important city area.  Improvements to the public include access to the Harbour area from the city and surrounding streets and new areas of open space and new pedestrian and cycling linkages.

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