450 Affordable and Diverse Housing Units in Sydney

01/09/2016 9:45 am

The City of Sydney is working to deliver affordable housing to the city's key workers, such as teachers, police, nurses, and cleaners.

In particular, the city aims to produce 450 new housing units in Green Square and Redfern.  The housing will be built on the city's own surplus land.

If people on low to moderate incomes can’t find reasonable affordable housing close to their jobs in the city, they’ll move further away to seek work nearer their new homes, and we’ll lose their valuable skills, Ms Barone said.


300 of the affordable homes are proposed for Green Square as part of 30,500 new residential dwellings expected to be completed in the area by 2030.  By 2017, an additional 150 diverse housing options are proposed for the soon-to-close Marian Street depot in Redfern.

These housing developments include:

  • 68 Bay Street
  • 14 Cowper Street in Glebe
  • 895 Bourke Street, Waterloo
  • 74 Botany Road, Alexandria
  • Common Ground in Camperdown
  • South Sydney Hospital site
  • Harold Park
  • the Salvation Army in Surry Hills and
  • HammondCare in Darlinghurst

While affordable housing is typically a state and federal issue, the city is strategically working to provide affordable housing in order to sustain population growth.  The city intends to do so through its own planning policies and by selling land at discounted prices to create rooms that can be rented as affordable housing.