3D Model Shows Melbourne’s Development Activity Future

23/06/2017 2:59 am

Online 3D Model reveals how Melbourne's skyline will look in the future



The future of central Melbourne can now be viewed online with a 3D model. The model presents a visual representation of buildings currently built, under construction, approved and under application.

Lord Mayor Robert Doyle described the council initiative as “like Google Earth, except some of the buildings don’t exist yet’’.

The modelling has been created with data from the city council’s Development Activity Monitor, to be used by council officers but also made available to the public.

Mr Doyle said the data behind the model showed there has been a huge uptick in office construction in the CBD.

“There was 90,000 square metres of floor office space completed from 1 January to 1 May 2017, compared with just 6000 sq m for the entirety of 2016,” he said.

“The future continues to be positive as we also have 254,000 sq m of floor office space under construction, 704,000 sq m with town planning approval, and town planning applications have been lodged for a further 209,000 sq m of office space.”